“My congratulations to you, sir. Your manuscript is both good and original; but the part that is good is not original, and the part that is original is not good. ”
-Samuel Johnson

I started this blog to interact with other intelligent, literary enthusiasts and to discuss different works, mainly classics, by great writers. As you may have guessed, I am a great admirer of Samuel Johnson. I view him as one of the most intelligent people to ever enter the realm of literature, not to mention the greatest literary critic. He is an icon for showing us that appearance does not determine the potential of a person. Due to his large, robust figure, his many uncontrollable tics, and odd appearance, we are reminded not to “judge a book by its cover”. One can only hope to be half the scholar Dr. Johnson was.

Unlike Samuel Johnson I am an avid collector of books and other texts (with what little spare money I have). The cover photo I used for the layout of my blog is a picture of a few books in my ever-growing library. I have always admired books, looking at the owner of them as merely a protector of the works; taking care of them so that they may be passed down to inspire later generations. Now in the age of technology this may be seen as outdated, however I believe the physical copy of any work is important to preserve and continue. I take great admiration for book collections, including my own, knowing that in those physical objects there are philosophies and stories that shaped the history of the world in countless ways.

In a time when many are going through financial troubles and have the burden of stress, I will try to entertain, post inspiring quotes, and talk about literature to get our minds off the difficulties in life!

I will post a “Quote of the Day” EVERY day and have other post discussing literature, authors, and poetry once every one to two weeks (unless I get inspired, then I will post sooner)! I hope you follow my blog and please ask any questions and/or comments about my blog or what you would like me to discuss. Thank You and I hope you like it!


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